Priority Group One-to-One

The Content Below Explains Micro-Marketing as a Concept.

It is possible because technology supports person-to-person communication.

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Micro-Marketing Fundamentals

Micro-Marketing communicates with individuals based on their goals and their stage on the Client Path.*

  • The ultimate goal is loyalty and its fruits: long-term repeat business, cross-sell and referrals
  • The journey to loyalty will include each stage of the Client Path
  • Failure to execute at any stage of the path ends the journey
  • The Client Path must be viewed as an individual journey that involves three critical YES decisions

       - I will actively explore your offering (typically meaning "listen to your value presentation")

       - I will become a new client

       - I will continue to do business with you (ideally including cross-buy and refer)

  • The messaging and action that earns each YES is tailored to stage on the path. *
  • Effective messaging must resonate emotionally in the mind of the recipient. "Here's how I will benefit by taking each of these steps." **
  • In a noisy, competitive marketplace, progress requires repetition...ongoing reinforcement of your value story, often involving a blend of communication vehicles.
  • It is commonly accepted that 10-20 "touches are necessary to achieve and maintain relationship traction.
  • Practical matter, automated campaigns are needed to help busy people consistently achieve required touch count.
  • Because email is glutting as a follow-up medium. physical alternatives are required.



* Often called the Client Journey, Client Path Marketing was trademarked by Bill Corbin in 2009.

** GEICO provides a helpful illustration. They first "sell" the value of spending 15 minutes. During that 15 minutes, they will attempt to sell insurance policies. Later efforts will seek loyalty and its fruits.

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