Priority Group One-to-One

Client Loyalty and its Fruits

Here is unvarnished truth: 

Companies that succeed long-term have excellent client retention, and success is built on the fruits: repeat, upsell, cross-sell and referrals.

Companies that struggle long-term are typically focused on an aggressive sales cycle as depicted by the sales funnel >

Ironically, major improvement has more to do with mindset than complicated, expensive plans and programs, and well structured campaigns can play a major role.

Again, we begin with analysis and discussion of the current approach; then we work toward a retention system that likely has these elements:

  • Review of sales methods to be sure no "scorched earth" tactics are harming ability to establish a trust-based long-term relationship
  • Creation of a client welcome and onboard protocol (at least partly automated) that expresses appreciation, seeks satisfaction feedback, notifies of other available  products/services and actively seeks referrals.
  • Development of periodic touches that strive to strengthen relationship while also creating repeat business and referrals.