Priority Group One-to-One



What is your elevator pitch -- your distinctive value? 

  • We help you market successfully in an incredibly noisy marketplace -- better lead quality; better prospect-to-client conversion rates; improved retention, repeat, cross-sell and referrals. 
  • We provide physical products as an alternative when email, SEO and social media aren't working. 
  • Our platform puts multi-touch, omni-channel campaigns at your fingertips, supporting automated delivery that runs for weeks, months or years. 
  • You can mail personal-touch cards or letters with minimum order quantity ONE, email is free.

Yeah, but how much does that card or letter cost?

About a buck including print, processing and first-class postage. No cost penalty based on quantity. The cost is minimal in a budget sense because we help you focus on high ROI opportunities.

What is your ROI story?

Strong! Our system is inexpensive to install and ongoing costs are modest.  On the revenue side, we are focused on developing of new high-value relationships and on new and recurring revenue streams from those high-value clients.  Test marketing can become a new part of your toolset.

Is this a cloud-based software system (SaaS)?

Yes. The system provides a fully integrated system--content manager, recipient data manager, campaign manager and production interface.  There's even an email module, often helpful as an element of campaigns.

Doesn't your integrated  package of services make you something of a disrupter?

That's the plan!  We don't know of anything like it, anywhere.

What if I already have a CRM and email campaign capability?

Not a problem.  We can add new energy and activity to your CRM and new breadth, depth and power to your automated campaigns. Frustration with email read-rates is growing because of email glut. Content marketing and social media are also incredibly noisy. We provide a high-impact alternative.

Can you support multiple sales or customer service people?

Yes. Our enterprise system allows content to be shared among any number of team members located in any number of offices. You receive reporting of their individual activity. 

Where does my content come from?

A key question, as effective value-based content is a success requirement. We provide content services or we work with your existing resources regarding adapting content to the system. We also provide best practices techniques for micro-marketing where we are an acknowledged thought leader.

Is the system difficult to learn?

Although there are many moving parts and available options, we'll work together on specific applications that help you reach important goals. The operational details to execute predefined tasks are not difficult. We also provide support and in some cases operate the system for clients.

How is payment handled?

Clients maintain a positive operating fund from which payment is made as products or services are used. You receive a notice when your fund reaches a replenish level. Auto-replenish can be arranged.

What about privacy?

We make absolutely no commercial use of your content or contact information. We do not seek projects requiring the storage of sensitive information such as social security numbers.

Explain the relationship between Priority Group and the former

Priority Group has acquired exclusive software rights to the Enfront Micro-Marketing System where it is maintained in a state-of-the-art cloud-based environment. Priority Group is also the exclusive production resource for postcards, letters and campaign execution. Enfront founder Bill Corbin has joined the Priority Group team as president of the Priority Group One-to-One division.



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