Priority Group One-to-One

Major Account Lead Development

Identifying Target Ideal Clients... Nurturing the Relationship... Earning Presentation Opportunities. Exceptional ROI

An actionable system for entrepreneurs, sales managers and sales development people: 

    Example: a sales team of 20 responsible to maintain 50 active leads in system. 

    Annual cost of approximately $1,500 to touch each 100 high value target-ideal-clients 12 times.

    With 3 conversions (likely low), $500 per conversion of a major client.


 1.  We partner* to create and archive a multi-touch campaign -- two perspectives.

     - One-to-one, sales person to individual contact:  Why I can be a great resource for you.

     - Company to individual contact:  Why we are capable of helping you meet your goals.

                Example campaign: 12 monthly touches, alternating postcards and letters.

                Reminder emails embedded for sales person: campaign status, prompted follow-up.

2. Develop the lead-list, one high-value contact at a time.

     - Strangers:  A researched lead, strong reason fit should be good. Example sources: local or trade media, purchased list meeting demographic requirements.

     - Acquaintances: Newly met contacts assessed to be high-potential and good fit. Example sources: Networking, referrals, online connections (especially LinkedIn). 

3.  Assign the contact to the archived campaign in the online system:  

     - About 90 seconds as a free-standing step, by sales person or an admin, awesome leverage of time!

     -  Or let's talk about API integration with an existing CRM

4.  Sales person active monitoring and personal follow-up per your sales strategy.

       - Prompted by emails that auto-deliver during the campaign, whether days or years.

       - If successfully earn active exploration, campaign easily stopped.

        - Recipient can be opt-out if lead is "resolved negative." 

*We can provide content services or orient your team to develop and upload content.


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