Priority Group One-to-One

Converting at-Risk Prospects to Clients

If your industry has high dollar-value per client and a long decision-cycle, you are playing a game with major opportunity to win, or lose.

(An encouragement: in general U.S. companies do not follow-up well. We can work together to generate competitive edge that will translate to higher conversion ratios and higher ROI.)

After your team has made its equivalent of a formal presentation...

  • Others will be making their presentation, diluting impact of your presentation.
  • Marketplace media-noise also diminishes memory of your value story.
  • Various follow-up attempts, most inept but still distracting, further obscure your value story.

The key to competitive victories: Your prospect will NOT base the decision on the value you discussed during the presentation.  The decision will be based on MEMORY of the VALUE you have presented.

We work together to create and upload Memory of Value follow-up campaigns. Multiple touches through the decision cycle that remind at-risk prospects of your value, including reasons you are superior to competitors. We will include memorable emotional content; far more memorable than facts.

There is tremendous opportunity for competitive edge for prompt decisions. You can also be the last player in the game for decisions that are delayed and typically forgotten by 10-3-1 hard-closers.

ROI is big.  Imagine spending $600 to follow-up with 100 at-risk prospects, and converting 3 - 5


The video below shows innovation and thought leadership now part of Priority Group, Inc.