Priority Group One-to-One

Energy and communication power made possible by the vision and savvy of two entrepreneurs.

Journey to a Unique Partnership

Joe Straka, Priority Group


After earning my MBA, I launched my career in brand management with Proctor & Gamble followed by successful stints in the software and financial services fields.

      When I returned to the family business, the digital revolution was in full swing and it was clear that Priority Press needed to rethink it's ink-on-paper mission.

       We transformed  into Priority Group with the mission of partnering in our clients' marketing and sales success. Avenues of service expanded to include image/branding, direct marketing services, sales team infrastructure, fulfillment, event infrastructure, wide format signage,  high-tech digital printing and a host of online services that moved us into the cloud.

      Then I met Bill Corbin founder of Enfront, a cutting edge  SaaS that supports automated campaigns for sales teams, but with the enormous competitive advantage of printed products as a fully integrated output alternative. 

      Bill and I decided that combining our efforts would be a serious win-win-win, supporting new levels of marketplace success for our clients, present and future.



Bill Corbin, Enfront


After my  MBA and big-corporate launch, my first entrepreneurial success was Unified Neighbors (which later became Angie's List, purchased at $500 million+ by Home Advisor)

    I secured printing equipment to produce the monthly magazine and began looking for ways to utilize excess capacity. 

     My restless entrepreneurial spirit soon put "UN Communications" in direct marketing, book and magazine publishing. even support of creative job searches. The common thread: utilizing technology creatively.

     When digital technology brought one-to-one printing then the power of the internet, I was a kid that had found a new candy store. We moved from web design to digital storefronts to Enfront: marrying one-to-one printing (on the ground) with  the power of online, automated digital marketing (in the cloud). It remains unmatched technology.

       Merging Enfront into Priority Group made huge sense, and we stand ready to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals with an unmatched combination of capabilities, whether marketing to a few hundred thousand... or to one.


Building on Common Sense


Both Straka and Corbin had heard the e-marketers shout that "print is dead," but had the foresight to realize that physical products would play a different but important role in the 21st Century.

     They steered a steady course while the online fads came and went, believing that omni-channel marketing means a range of tried-and-true communication methods, blending technologies in the cloud and on the ground. 

       They did not celebrate when email marketing began to glut or social media became increasingly chaotic -- although they did find reassurance in the regular, ongoing use of print by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other digital marketing leaders.

        Rather, they quietly built a set of capabilities that are marketplace tested and provide alternatives that deal realistically with realities such as tremendous internet noise and declining attention span and read-rates among email and other digital media.