Priority Group One-to-One

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Developing High-Value Leads: Your Target Ideal Clients


Eagles don't flock, you find them one-by-one. Source may be  web-diving, networking, or trade research. Then the key is turning shallow relationships into live prospects.  MORE

Turning At-Risk Prospects into New Clients: Competitive Wins


When the decision-cycle is long and the competition is active, you win based on Memory of Your Value.   A high-ROI application of Micro-Marketing    MORE

Earning Client Loyalty and Its Fruits: Repeat, Cross-Sell, Referral


We'll start with a welcome and on-board campaign that sets the tone for  a long-term relationship. Then long-term contact that maintains loyalty while actively seeking upsell, cross-sell and referrals.      MORE

A high-impact alternative in the noisy world of digital communication.

Automated campaigns that INCLUDE POSTCARDS and LETTERS

Video Overview

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